About Us


U Music TV has been created for mums, by mums, and our mission is to provide a safe way for children to enjoy music videos. Having children ourselves, we were alarmed at the content of many music videos, and our vision was to to find a solution to help protect young children from explicit and inappropriate content.

We have developed U Music TV to fulfil this need by creating a TV channel dedicated to showing only age-appropriate content to the under 12s. It provides safe screen time that children can enjoy without parents having concerns over what they might see and hear. We believe children should be able to enjoy popular culture without being exposed to potentially damaging, stereotypical and inappropriate images and language, and we believe parents agree with us!

All music videos on U Music TV are carefully curated by a panel of parents and have been approved suitable for under 12’s. This takes into account images, language and themes – so nothing inappropriate will ever be seen by our audience.

Advertise with Us

U Music TV offers a unique proposition for brands targeting the under 12 market. The video repetition and strategically placed wraparound advertising offers a perfect platform to reach the 0-12 audience not once but twice.

For more details about advertising with U Music TV, please contact Christina Evans on 07866 627545 or email [email protected].